Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic a series of actions have been put in place by our establishment in order to avoid contamination and spread of the virus to protect our guests as well as our staff.

• All premises are disinfected with ULV Smoke machines (with chlorindioxit) by a professional contracted firm which uses products approved by EC as well as TSE (Turkish Standards Institute). The effects of ULV smoke disinfection lasts for 21 days, nevertheless our staff continues to frequently disinfect according to the location.
• The products we use for disinfection are mostly medical grade disinfectant and are approved by EC and TSE.
• Products used in the kitchen and cafĂ© are food grade sanitization and disinfectants.
• All entrances have been equipped with hand disinfection stations where our guests are able to obtain masks.
• Seating capacities in F/B outlets has been reduced to %60 in order to maintain Social Distancing measures
• Staff health is frequently monitored and logged
• All Staff wear masks and gloves as well as visors to avoid direct contact, and all protective equipment are frequently replaced.
• Staff has been trained by professionals to cope with the present situation
• All the Standard Operation Procedures have been altered to avoid spread and contamination.
• At the Beginning of this year, the Properties water conditioning system has been completely upgraded to Chloring-Active Carbon Filtering-Softening as well as UV Filtering. The Quality of the water is frequently controlled. Coffee and Ice machines are supplied with the water from Reverse Osmosis system as well as a UV Filtration Machine.

News & Events

• Mozaik will be opening on 1st April 2023.